QuickGrid for Blazor

A simple but effective data grid for Blazor

QuickGrid is an experimental grid component built by the Blazor team.

Purpose and goals

QuickGrid isn't intended to replace advanced datagrid components such as those from commercial component vendors. Instead, the purpose is:

  • To provide a convenient, simple, and flexible datagrid component for Blazor developers with the most common needs
  • To provide a reference architecture and performance baseline for anyone building Blazor datagrid components. Feel free to build on this, or simply copy code from it.

Status and support

Although this package isn't officially part of .NET 7 (and hence isn't covered by Microsoft's normal support and back-compatibility guarantees), it is open source and you're welcome to use it in production like any other third-party open source package. How this evolves, and whether it eventually becomes an official part of the product depends on developer feedback.

It's not a goal to add all the features that full-blown commercial grids tend to have, for example hierarchical rows, drag-to-reorder columns, or Excel-like range selections. If you need those, continue using commercial grids or other open-source libraries. Currently we're only adding the most core grid functionality and things needed for the key fundamentals:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization (including RTL languages)
  • Extensibility

To report issues - especially ones that violate the fundamentals above - please use the ASP.NET Core issue tracker. Remember that there's no guaranteed support for this experimental package.

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