QuickGrid for Blazor


It can be expensive both to fetch and to render large numbers of items. If the amount of data you're displaying might be large, you should use either paging or virtualization.

Virtualization provides the appearance of continuous scrolling through an arbitrarily-large data set, while only needing to fetch and render the rows that are currently in the scroll viewport. This can provide excellent performance even when the data set is vast. QuickGrid's virtualization feature is built on Blazor's built-in Virtualize component, so it shares the same capabilities, requirements, and limitations.

Enabling virtualization is just a matter of passing Virtualize="true", but for it to work properly and reliably, you must ensure that every row renders with the same known height. For example, you must ensure that text does not wrap and cause variations in row height. If rows do vary in height, scrolling will behave erratically.

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This example fetches data from the public OpenFDA NSDE API, so its speed mainly depends on the response times of that external API.

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